Christine has had a lifelong passion for design.  As a child, you would find her rearranging her bedroom furniture and excelling in the many art classes her parents enrolled her in.  To continue this journey, she applied to the Interior Design program at Virginia Tech and quickly felt at home with her choice of discipline. While at Virginia Tech, Christine also took part in a study abroad program, where she had the opportunity to travel from Rome to London stopping through many of Europe's finest cities along the way. It was on this trip she found her passion for travel and realize the integral part travel would play in inspiring her through her design career

   After receiving her bachelor’s degree, Christine relocated to California to 

pursue her career and follow her dreams.  After working in residential design for a year she decided she wanted to expand her skill set to maximize future career opportunities, therefore she enrolled in a Masters of Architecture program at the NewSchool of Architecture & Design in San Diego.  While in school and upon completion she continued to work in the industry but shifted her focus to Hospitality Design which inherently tied to her passion for travel.  The Hospitality industry integrated the detailed design aspect of residential design with some of the most challenging aspects of large-scale commercial projects and Christine loved the diverse range of project work from furniture design & fabric selections to interior architecture construction detailing.  When the 2008 recession hit and the industry stalled in San Diego she decided it was time for a change so Christine left her beloved San Diego for the opportunity to work for some of the giants in the industry in San Francisco.  


During her time in San Francisco, Christine was fortunate to gain some amazing professional experience and also many incredible travel experiences around the globe.  Now having achieved over a decade of professional experience in the interior design & architecture industry, Christine decided it was time to carve out her own niche and in 2012 founded CDesigns Interiors, then in 2017 she relocated back to Southern California where she now pursues her own projects and also continues to work remotely for larger firms as a consultant.  With her own design firm, she now strives to bring her travel inspiration and passion to her designs; uniquely tailoring to each individual clients vision and design goals

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