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​2012 - Founded CDesignsWorldwide

06/2012 - 08/2012: Travel - Eastern Europe

04/2011 - 04/2012: Forrest Perkins

Interior Architectural Designer


02/2012: Travel - Thailand

04/2009 - 04/2011: Klang & Associates

Interior Architectural Designer

Hospitality / Residential

02/2011: Travel - Australia​

05/2009: Travel - Southern Europe

09/2008 - 04/2009: Ecodoor


12/2006 - 09/2008: Architectural Concepts


Hospitality / Commercial

11/2007: Travel - Indonesia

05&08/2007: Travel - Mexico

06/2006 - 12/2006: Thoryk Architecture


Residential / Master Planning

10/2004 - 05/2007: MArch

Newschool of Architecture and Design

08/2003 - 10/2004: Ethan Allen

Interior Designer

03/2003 - 08/2003: Travel - New Orleans & cross country USA

12/2002: Travel - New Zealand

05/2001 - 07/2001: Study Abroad

Western Europe

08/1999 - 05/2003: B.S. Interior Design

Virginia Tech University

Additional Previous Travel Includes:




Christine Ley has achieved over ten years of professional experience throughout the architectural, and interior design industries. This drive and passion for the industry stems from her lifelong passion for travel and a desire to explore the world and experience other cultures. With CDW she strives to combine her passion for Travel, Architecture and Interior Design while helping others better understand how these elements can work together to create exciting new environments and "home-destinations". "I believe it is possible for people to feel at home whether they are in their own living room or at a hostel on the other side of the world." -Christine Ley

Ms. Ley received a Masters of Architecture, with a minor in Art, from the NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego, California, she also received her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design with a concentration in Hospitality Management from the college of Architecture at Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg, Virginia. While at Virginia Tech, Ms. Ley also took part in a summer study abroad program, where she had the opportunity to travel from Rome to London stopping through many of Europes finest cities along the way. It was on this trip she found her passion for Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse that she would later develop while working on her masters degree.

Her Masters thesis was an adaptive reuse project focused on the juxtaposition of existing structures with new construction. This project took the existing abandoned police headquarters located in downtown San Diego, California and proposed to convert it into a boutique hotel with spa and restaurant facilities. The focus of her thesis was how to preserve existing structures and expand upon them rather than simply tearing down and starting over. This approach enhances a richer sense of cultural awareness in the future by creating an interwoven layering of new and old elements.

Her previous professional experience includes projects within Hospitality, High-end Residential, Commercial, and Historic Preservation / Renovation. Ms. Leys skills include, but are not limited to: architectural design, interior design, construction documents, model building, renderings, specifications, custom furniture design, graphic design and presentation displays. She has also had the opportunity to partake in work abroad. Ms. Ley traveled to Indonesia for manufacturing quality control on custom furniture she designed. She also traveled to Mexico for site verification of existing time shares that she participated in the renovation of while working at Architectural Concepts. Following that while working at Klang & Associates Ms. Ley took the lead in coordinating the construction document packages for five Estates and a Clubhouse in Beijing, China. Although she was not able to travel to China, there was however, extensive, unique coordination between Chinese and American building and drawing standards as well as varying project phases and standards.

Ms. Ley brings a unique combination of interests and multi-disciplinary talent that encompasses Architecture and Interior Design. She is able to draw from her diverse background and her comprehensive understanding the impact architectural elements have on interior spaces to fully understand a projects scope and manage the planning of a project from initial conception through completion. She is a versatile design asset to her clients.

CDesignsWorldWide is female-owned business based out of San Francisco California. Since officially opening in 2012, we’ve treated every client with the utmost respect, paying attention to their specific desires and unique cultures whether they are from here locally in San Francisco or around the other side of the globe. Other companies may offer similar services; however CDesignsWorldwide's services embrace and enhance each client's unique needs with a one of a kind worldwide approach.

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